Each year, 6 tzofim troops from the South Western US, get together for 4 amazing days of Summer Camp – 4 days full of fun activities, competitions, games and tzofiut (scouting) at camp Ramah in Ojai, CA.
The camp is equipped with cabins and tents that are furnished with bunk beds and mattresses.  The camp is also equipped with a mess hall, where we will enjoy 3 meals each day.


Departure: The buses will depart on Friday the 5/24 at 9:30AM from the shevet*. Please plan to be at the school by 9:15AM to allow enough time for loading bags etc to the buses.  A school release form can be downloaded from here.
Return: We will arrive back from camp on Monday, 5/27 at about 5PM.

Some important notes:

  • There will be no additional pickups. All Chanichim are required to arrive at the SDJA by 9:15AM.
  • If you are unable to get to the SDJA on time, the address for Camp Ramah is: 385 Fairview Rd, Ojai, CA 93023
  • The kitchen is a kosher kitchen and there will be accommodations for anyone with food allergies (lactose intolerance, gluten free etc.)
    If there are dietary concerns, please make sure to update your child’s profile during the registration.  Please make sure to let us know of any allergies / sensitivities (if you have not already).
  • The camp is strictly NUT-FREE.  This includes all types of nuts. Please do not send any snacks that contain nuts (Snickers, Reese’s Pieces, Bamba etc.)
  • The will be absolutely no visitation to the camp.  As in previous years, parents attempting to visit the camp will not be allowed to enter the camp and will be turned back.
  • There is little to no reception at camp.  Please do not be alarmed if you do not hear from your children during the course of the weekend.
  • In order to maximize the experience for all participants – we highly recommend leaving cellphones, other electronic gadgets and valuables at home.
  • Please make sure to label all personal articles – including clothing.
  • Important: There will be an activity at and in the swimming pool.  If you have any concerns about you child’s ability to swim, please let Danni know.


To sign up to chaperon, please send an email to Shevet Galim’s Volunteer Coordinator.  We have limited space for chaperons and unfortunately we will not be able to accept everyone.  (Guidelines for selection of chaperons can be found in the Shevet Galim Membership Agreement.)
All those selected to chaperon, will be notified on or around May 12th.

What to pack?:

  • Full khaki
  • Extra clothes (most of the camp aren’t going to be on khaki).

    • Tank-tops / sleeveless shirts are prohibited
    • Pants need to be the appropriate length
  • White shirt (prefer with collar) for kabbalat shabbat and the havdala
  • Warm clothes for the nights
  • Blue and white clothes for Israel Day
  • White t-shirt that can be destroyed.
  • Closed and comfortable shoes
  • Flip flops (only for the shower!)
  • Hat
  • Small and comfortable backpack
  • A big bag for all the other Equipment
  • Sleeping bag and a blanket for when its cold
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, soaps
  • Towel for the shower
  • Additional towel for pool if you prefer
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Toilet paper (always good to have on hand!)

Please do not bring valuable equipment.  The shevet will not be responsible for loss or damage of equipment at camp.

מה לארוז?:

  • חאקי מלא
  • בגדים להחלפה למשך היום (רוב המחנה לא על חאקי).
    שימו לב:

    • גופיות אסורות
    • מכנסיים חייבים להיות באורך הולם
  • חולצה לבנה (רצוי מכופתרת) לקבלת שבת ולהבדלה
  • בגדים חמים ללילה
  • בגדים כחול לבן ליום ישראל
  • חולצה לבנה שאפשר ללכלך / להרוס
  • נעליים סגורות ונוחות
  • כפכפים (רק למקלחת!)
  • כובע
  • תיק גב נוח להליכה
  • תיק גדול לכל שאר הציוד
  • שק שינה ושמיכה ללילה כשקר
  • קרם הגנה
  • כלי רחצה:מברשת ומשחת שיניים, סבונים
  • מגבת למקלחת
  • מגבת נוספת לבריכה במידה ותרצו
  • בקבוק מים רב פעמי
  • נייר טואלט

* נא לא להביא דברי ערך. השבט אינו אחראי לאובדן חפצים


Regular: $320 until May 8th

Registration will close on 5/08. No exceptions.
Any chanichim or Madrichim not registered or not paid by 5/08 will not be able to take part.

Registration and Payment

(Last Day to register: May 08th 2019)

Requirements for registration to & participation in Machane Kayitz:

  1. All participants must be full time Shevet Galim members – with complete and up to date registration.
  2. All membership dues must paid in full.
  3. Minimum attendance level of 75% (9th – 12th grade) or 50% (3rd – 8th grade)

All campers (madrichim and chanichim) must be registered by the cutoff date. Registration includes:

  1. Completion of the online Registration, and
  2. Completion of the payment for the camp

Please register on time.

Registration – הרשמה