Shevet Galim Leadership

Shevet Galim is led by the Merakez Boger (Senior Troop Leader) together with the elected Merakzim Tze’irim (Youth Leaders), and  in collaboration with the Va’ad Horim (Parents Committee).

The merakez boger is a shliach (emissary) from Israel, trained by the Jewish Agency, and guided by the Hanhagat Tzabar and Shevet Galim’s Rosh Shevet.

Shevet Galim’s Va’ad Horim is made up of a collection of volunteer parents from within the community.  The Va’ad is led by the Rosh Shevet (Committee Chairperson).  Shevet finances are managed by the Gizbar (Treasurer).  Each of the members of the va’ad give of their time, to give our children the youth movement that they deserve.

The role of merakez is to lead the shevet from a content and activity perspective.

The main role of the Va’ad to to support the shevet from a logistics perspective.  The Va’ad is also responsible for setting the long-term vision and strategies for the shevet.

Shevet Galim Leadership

Ofek Danino
Ofek DaninoMerakez Boger - Senior Troop Leader
Aidan Nagola
Aidan NagolaMerakezet Tze'ira - Youth Leader
Gai Partin
Gai PartinMerakez Tza'ir - Youth Leader
Reef Gonen
Reef GonenMerakez Tza'ir - Youth Leader

Va’ad Shevet Galim

Alona Markowitz
Alona MarkowitzRosh Shevet
Tomer T. Gutman
Tomer T. GutmanRosh Shevet
Idan Lerer
Idan LererGizbar / Treasurer
OriVolunteers and attendance
RevitalEvents Coordinator
LironLogistics and Purchasing
OdeliaPartnership and fundraising